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Script Reading and Script Editing

Have you written the story of your dreams, but it's falling apart at the seams? Along with writing for film, stage, and print, Heather holds a Masters in Screenwriting with Distinction and has trained in Script for Story Development with John Yorke Story. Heather has a knack for shaping up a story while still protecting its heart. She'll help you get the story in your head on the page. 

Commendation for Script Editing Services:

"I cannot thank Heather enough for coming aboard and providing such detailed script analyses... Her feedback was invaluable in helping mould my film into the vision I had set out to create. 

While I declined the help of other script editors, Heather was the first to offer notes on how to focus the direction of my screenplay in ways that respected the vision I had.

I appreciated her commitment to the project, reliable turnaround times, and methodical combing of the script’s formatting. As an individual with a keen eye for detail, I treasured Heather’s equal commitment to the fine tuning of each individual scene. Heather’s editing prowess will have me returning to her for my screenplay editing needs in the future."

- Katelyn Wells, Winner - Toronto International Women’s Film Festival for Best Unproduced Script, Finalist - Lonely Seal International Film Festival.

Email below for rates on script editing and script reading. 

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